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Wall to Wall Carpet Trends 2020

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Interesting propertiesAesthetic and economical

Abandoned in recent years in favour of hard coverings, the wall to wall carpet once again intends to use its strengths. Indeed, if it still suffers from some misconceptions, the carpet offers several advantages that make it a choice of coverage that should not be dismissed too quickly.

Wall to Wall Carpet

The carpet has paid the price of several common ideas, which would make it an unhygienic covering, promoting allergies and the development of dust mites, among others. And yet, it would seem, on the contrary, when it comes to dust and mites, that carpet is a much healthier solution than parquet.

This is what explains Hervé Catry, director of Catry Carpets Manufacturers, manufacturer of traditional carpets based in the North (59): “A rug holds bugs and residue: a straightforward vacuum and the air from the room is solid. While, as far as it matters for its, a parquet floor allows them to skim noticeable all around. On the off chance that you pass a brush or vacuum cleaner, the bugs and residue take off, at that point are redeposited on the floor. ” Carpet is hence not suggested for individuals with hypersensitivities: they hold over half of residue which, indeed, won’t be breathed in by individuals in the room.

Are the carpets too messy, impossible to clean? Here again, it is important to disentangle the true from the false. Carpet is indeed more complicated to clean in the event of an important task, but requires a minimum of day-to-day maintenance: “Ordinary vacuuming is adequate. The life expectancy of good quality rugs is then 20. or then again 25 years “, as indicated by Hervé Catry. In the occasion of a genuine undertaking, in any case, a few arrangements exist high-pressure vacuum cleaners, extractors, powder arrangements … So many possibilities to punctually resolve dirt problems.

Another solution to consider carpet tiles. While it was more intended for businesses and offices, tile carpet today enjoys real notoriety among individuals. Easy to lay, easy to replace, the tiles have the same physical characteristics as other types of carpet.

Interesting properties

Other features make the carpet an interesting covering. And in particular, its insulation capacities: “The carpet combines acoustic and thermal comfort”, explains Anne Martini, marketing manager at Balsan, the leading French manufacturer of carpets, based in the Indre (36). “It absorbs interior noise and insulates against the cold 10 times better than a hard floor”. This is why it is found in all places that require silence and acoustic comfort (cinemas, salons, businesses).

Carpets are also the most comfortable floor covering. Besides being warmer, it is also thicker and generally softer. Carpet cushions fall, making it a great cover if children or the elderly live in the house. Especially since today, especially non-slip carpets exist.

Aesthetic and economical


If it has been recently shunned by individuals, it is also because the wall to wall carpet was considered unsightly. However, times have changed: carpets are available in an infinite number of colours and patterns, which allow the floor to be integrated into the decoration of the home. “Today, more than 50% of our production is special, made to measure”, confides Hervé Catry.

Baroque, sober, 70s type … Nothing stops the manufacturers, ready to meet all the aesthetic expectations of their customers. Or almost: “The floor covering, sadly, has this ‘frozen’ side”, says Jérôme Damour, an expert in material decoration. “You can’t transform them routinely, it’s confounded. Then again, on the off chance that you need a similar sort of solace as the rug, investigate all the new floor coverings. We are accomplishing an ever-increasing number of intriguing things “.

Anyway, among all the usual coverings, the carpet is undoubtedly the one that adapts to all budgets. With first prices at 2 € / m², the carpets have very variable quality and density (indicated by the number of stitches per m²). It is possible to opt for high-end models, such as the traditional carpets woven at Hervé Catry, the prices of which vary between 50 and more than 3,000 € / m². Something to satisfy all tastes, even the most demanding.

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