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Commercial Carpet Manufacturers & Suppliers In IranIdeal Designs & Colors for Wall To Wall CarpetsTraditional Persian Carpets and rugs ExportsHow Many Designs and colors of Wall Carpets Exist?How to produce Iranian carpets or rugs?Active dealers and sellers of wall to wall carpetThe manufacturing process of wall carpetsTips to purchasing wall carpets with good pricesThe easiest way to find the best wall carpet producer

Wall To Wall Carpet Supplier

Carpet Segmentation by Production Method: Carpets are generally manufactured in three ways. Some of these methods are still reminiscent of the traditional methods of handmade and traditional manufacturing, and some are due to advances in the textile industry to increase production speed, increase quality, reduce costs. Here’s a brief overview of the carpet production methods and the internal categories of these carpeting. For professional carpet layout, make sure you have a professional carpet installer. Although carpet installation in Iran is not very important, the fact is that a good and complete installation, in addition to preserving the appearance of the carpet and space, guarantees carpet life and durability and reduces its vulnerability.

Commercial Carpet Manufacturers & Suppliers In Iran

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Woven Carpets: These carpets are woven and woven and are produced by weaving fibers into supporting woven fabrics. In this method, the warp and weft act as a backing layer and are sometimes used to increase the strength of another backing layer. This method is high cost and low speed and is generally used for wool fibers. In the fabric of the manufacturing process, Wilton and Axminster are cohesive. Tufted carpet production is much faster than Tufted Of the tissue method. Today, with the advent of technology and the increasing demand for about 90% of carpet types, this method is produced.The method of producing the Tufted carpets is that the yarn is first placed in the Primary Baking layer and, after being adhered to by the adhesive, by the Secondary Baking that attaches to the first layer, This strength is increased. Non-Woven: Non-woven or carpet-woven carpets are carpets that are removed by the process of fabrication and the carpet is the result of bonding fibers together. In this way the fibers are wrapped by adhesive and roller pressure forming a carpet layer. Buying a carpet can be a very difficult and complicated task. Because for most audiences it is difficult to determine the quality of a carpet by looking at it because of insufficient information. There are several hidden carpet quality indicators that can give you great information on measuring the quality of a carpet you like. All of these indicators should be taken into consideration and influenced in choosing the best carpet.

Ideal Designs & Colors for Wall To Wall Carpets

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Carpet Weight: One of the most important factors affecting carpet quality is carpet weight. A carpet being heavier per square meter may indicate a higher carpet durability because the higher carpet weight means that each carpet strand has a larger diameter and density per strand. These two factors create a more durable carpet structure. However, it should be noted that the carpet’s heavier weight if the manufacturer brand breaks down, for reasons other than the high density of the strands and their larger diameter, in which case the weight of the carpet does not affect the carpet quality. Indicates the proximity of the carpet strings. This item can only be measured on Tafting carpets. In carpet carpets because carpet carpets are not filamentally manufactured, carpet density can be distinguished by its weight. Compared to the two carpet types in which the fibers used are the same and the other properties are the same, the higher density carpet is more durable and durable.

Each strand of carpet is formed by the twisting of several strands of fibers. The number of times these fibers are intertwined is the main indicator of carpet quality. The greater the number of twists. The elasticity of the carpet is greater and so is its durability. The carpet ready space will be one of the first choices for any family because of the comfort and comfort it offers us. The carpet should only be lifted out of its normal condition in emergency situations such as short shipping times, and should be rolled up immediately after shipment, and rested for up to 24 hours.

Traditional Persian Carpets and rugs Exports

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Type of carpet fibers: After compacting and twisting the fibers of a carpet, we find the type of fiber used in carpet structure that is very effective in determining the quality of carpet. Polyamide, polyester and polypropylene are among the most popular materials used in carpet types. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics and is a better choice in different environmental and functional conditions. This is the type of carpet formation. Carpeting is produced in a variety of ways. This method of production is influential in its design and in its texture. Therefore, some types of carpet have special characteristics compared to other types of carpet and are manufactured for specialized applications. For example, the Tufting carpet or the loose carpet produced by Loop is very durable than other types of carpeting, but many people may not like the designs of this carpet, which are special because of the production method. Be. Tufted carpets, on the other hand, whose limbs are too long, provide a pleasant feeling of softness. But because of the long length of each strand and its bending over time, they are not very durable. The most important element of a carpet-free texture and how it is produced is carpet fibers. Various types of fibers are used in the carpet manufacturing industry which have different strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses directly affect carpet performance, usable space and other carpet features.

How Many Designs and colors of Wall Carpets Exist?

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Wool – The oldest fibers used in carpeting are natural wool fibers. The fibers are inherently flexible, very soft and durable. Wool naturally exhibits good fire resistance and is suitable for thawing and dripping. Resistance to abrasion Wool fibers are good but less resistant to the wear of nylon and tricysta fibers. Due to the high cost of wool these days, carpet can be found with less than 100% wool and is usually used in combination with other synthetic fibers in carpeting. One of the most common of these compounds is the use of 80% wool and 20% nylon in the production of woolen carpets. Nowadays, wool is resistant to this defect by materials and methods and this problem has been resolved. The positive features of wool are generally used as a criterion for the comparison and standardization of other fibers. Nylon (polyamide) The most popular and widely used fibers in the carpet industry. A glance at the positive features of nylon shows why these fibers alone occupy about seventy percent of the carpet industry in the US. Among synthetic nylon fibers. It offers the best performance features. High resistance to wear and crushing (good elasticity and high reversibility), good pigmentation, high design variability, high durability and easy and easy maintenance are among these fibers. Taken together, these features make nylon a viable option for most high-traffic areas. Nylon fibers are structurally divided into two categories. They have very little functional difference at the same molecular structure. However, by using the Solution Dyeing method in the nylon fiber dyeing process, this weakness of the nylon fibers is covered.

How to produce Iranian carpets or rugs?

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Acrylic fiber is a new fiber in the carpet industry, made from polyacrylic. Lightweight, lightweight acrylic fiber that induces a sense of natural fibers (wool) and looks similar to wool. Chemicals and fading resistant. It has a good reaction to static electricity and has a good performance against moisture and mildew. These fibers are less durable than other fibers. Acrylic fibers are not recommended in commercial and high-traffic areas. Suitable for use in wet environments such as bath towels. Polypropylene fiber or olefin is a polymeric and synthetic fiber based on ethylene-propylene. Ultrafine fiber is a very low water absorption fiber suitable for use in wet and basement areas as well as outdoor spaces. Is. As these fibers have little absorption, they show good resistance to stainability and dry out quickly after wetting. It is resistant to chemicals and performs well against static electricity. Polypropylene fibers are UV resistant and exhibit excellent color durability. As these fibers are generally dyed as Solution Dyeing, the fading and tinting of these fibers do not occur. Olive or polypropylene have little elasticity and exhibit low resistance to crushing and compression. For this reason, it is not recommended for high-traffic and high-wear spaces.

Active dealers and sellers of wall to wall carpet

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If you are also one of those who are interested in the environment and recycling products, polyester fibers can be a good choice for you. Part of the polyester fibers is produced from recycled disposable bottles (PET). Polyester fibers with attractive appearance, excellent luminosity and high color transparency. Due to the closure of the molecular structure of the polyester (CLOSED CELL FIBER), the absorption rate of these fibers is very low and this makes the fibers resistant to stainability. Polyester fibers are very soft to be recycled after manufacture. Polyester fibers have low resistance to crushing and compression and are less durable than nylon. These fibers are not recommended for high-traffic applications and are more suitable for residential applications. Tricysta fiber is a very new carpet fiber whose chemical molecular composition is very similar to polyester to the point where it is sometimes referred to as a modified polyester. To bring. Polytrimethylene terephthalate or PTT like polyester is fully recyclable and some of the weaknesses of polyester in these fibers have been completely eliminated. In terms of luster, the color transparency is similar to nylon (more opaque than polyester) but is very soft like polyester and exhibits good stain resistance. And the fibers are resistant to UV.

The manufacturing process of wall carpets

Other factors affecting the carpeting are the dyeing of the fibers used in the carpet or the carpet dyeing. Fiber dyeing is generally carried out in two major ways, each of which has its own different types and categories. How to dye carpet types will directly affect the durability and color stability of the carpet and thus how it is used – space used and traffic passing through. Pre-Dyeing Fiber Dyeing Methods: In this method, fiber dyeing is done before the tissue stage. And the fibers used are dyed according to the selected condition and method and the finished product (carpet) is woven using colored yarn. One of the most important methods of dyeing fibers before weaving can be as follows: Solution Dyeing: Before extruding molten polymer and producing fibers, dyeing is done by adding pigments to the melt. This method is only applicable to synthetic fibers Yarn Dyeing: In this method, dyeing is done after the fibers are produced and before the tissue stage. Yarn Dyeing is one of the methods used to dye fibers in the tub.This dyeing method is applicable to fibers of wool, polyester and some nylons. And dyeing is done directly on textiles (including carpeting). The carpet is first woven with the same yarn and dyed after the texture. One of the most important methods of dyeing the post-tissue product is as follows: Piece Dyeing: This method is more applicable to nylon and polyester fibers. This method of dyeing the woven carpet (before installing the Backing Layer) Printing: This is a type of color printing process that is done on carpet. It has an unlimited variety in design and colour but does not offer high durability. Carpet cleaning products that are not approved by the carpet manufacturer can cause serious damage to the carpet color.

Tips to purchasing wall carpets with good prices


As you know, new carpet models for the home flooring in the living room, living room or bedroom mean getting the most out of the interior decoration that will make your home look and feel great for a long time. The superior carpeting that gives your home decoration can be easily, comfortably, simply and elegantly. If you are careful in choosing a carpet and choosing the right carpet for your home, choose the right carpet without the designs. Crowded and foul-mouthed, it does. Because carpet flooring is the best floor coverings for homes that use stone and ceramics. Stone flooring in the winter If you do not have a proper heating system, there will be a lot of cold, which will put your feet on the floor with an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling. Since carpeting from a long time ago, because of the comfort and comfort it brings, is one of the first choices for any family home decoration. Carpets can be set with a variety of furniture and curtains. What is remarkable is that the universal carpet brings the beauty, color and design to your living room. Both the carpet and the carpet, due to their tangible and delicate texture, stylize the straight lines and geometric architecture of your room.

The easiest way to find the best wall carpet producer

Buying patterned carpeting is very wise and wise to cover the floors of large spaces because it makes the space seem smaller and friendlier. Color carpeting is the first word because choosing a dark carpet will make your space smaller and more intimate, while a light carpet will easily make your home space bigger and more appealing. It is much harder. Most of the rooms are carpeted to make it look more furnished. Also carpet flooring can be used Six floors that are not very comfortable are very suitable. But if you are the one who plans to use carpet for your home flooring then you should also consider that when you are in the living room Your home has a cushioned rug and carpeting. It is best to choose a neutral carpet color, or to have a regular texture, which will balance the interior of your home, but Otherwise your home space will be visually disturbed and all the appliances in the house will lose their appeal.

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