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affordable modern flooring ideaswall to wall carpets variety of types and coloursaffordable kinds of the wall to wall carpets10 best carpet manufacturers in the world

Wall to wall carpet one floor is really famous. Carpet is something that is spreading on the floor. Carpet is making with the cotton, wool & sometimes silk.

wall to wall carpet is using for decorating the house because they have some beautiful & traditional patterns. Kashan is the centre of the carpets & also was registration in the UNESCO. They are a lot of carpet factories in Kashan, Aran & Bid gol. The exporting of the carpets are one of the most expensive & popular ones. These carpets especially the one who is made by the Iranian carpet weaving is very famous. Because of that every people around the world like them very much. Foreigners know these carpets as a certificate of our region & nationality.

affordable modern flooring ideas

wall to wall carpet is using to cover the ground. These floorings are very useful & also beautiful. We also have carpets that are three dimensional. We use these flooring to cover the outdoor & indoor of the apartments, inside the pools, football grounds to make them beautiful. Flooring is making with different materials like kinds of stone (marble, granite), PVC, wood, velvet, parquet & carpet. Some of the floorings are very beautiful & also expensive but be sure that they are using good materials. So, don’t worry if you spend more money. These floorings are more affordable than the others because you choose the best brands, materials & also beautiful designs. But if you can’t spend more money, they are some floorings with beautiful designs & a good wall to wall carpet cost.


wall to wall carpets variety of types and colours

Carpets are some beautiful things that you can see them in most of the carpet shops. These carpets have more beautiful & traditional designs. Some of these designs have a beautiful & tradition story behind it. Story of Rostam & Sohrab. We have a lot of wall to wall carpet types that I want to name them here. The king Abasi designs, Slammy designs, Afshan designs, beta designs, adaptation designs, tree designs, Turkmen, hunting ground, flower grass, potted, alphabet, geometric & scrambled fish are designs that people especially Iranian people love them a lot. These designs are best seller & the high exports in the world. These are the designs that are good to know the name of them. Remember that beautiful carpets make your home a better look.

affordable kinds of the wall to wall carpets

As I said in the last section, they are a lot of designs in the carpets that we can see in the shops & online sites. Wall to wall carpet suppliers is a lot in Iran & also around the world. These suppliers help shops or online sites to have different kinds of carpets. Also, they are some classes that help people to learn carpet weaving. In this way, many people can make money & also make more carpets for shops & online sites. These suppliers can make carpets for shops & the seller people should call them to bring a lot of kinds of these carpets. So, the sellers can put these carpets in their shops to sell them. Also, these suppliers can export the carpets to the foreign countries for people who have shopped there or for people who order these carpets.

10 best carpet manufacturers in the world

They are a lot of wall to wall carpeting manufacturers in Iran, especially in Kashan. Kashan is the centre of these traditional & beautiful carpets. Also, they are a lot of manufacturers in this city & a lot of people who work for this manufacturer. All of the manufacturers in Iran are good because Iranian people are good at making the beautiful carpets. All things that you have pay attention is the colour & the patterns of the carpets. For choosing a carpet you should pay attention to the colour that is matched to the designs & decor of your house. In this way, you can make your house more beautiful, classic & modern.

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