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Wall Carpet Decor | Major Sale 2019, Colors and Patterns

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What are the uses of wall carpet decor?Which walls are suitable for using wall carpets?Which patterns are more popular in the 2019 market?Advantages of using carpet in wallsHow to clean wall carpets quickly?Famous brands for wall carpets in AsiaWhich Asian countries have the best products at the lowest prices?Biggest manufacturers in the worldWholesale price and retail price of wall carpets

Where To Buy Wall Carpet? Wholesale 2019, Where To Buy A Wide Range Of Colors And Patterns At Cheap Price? Wall Carpet Decor Made In Various Countries. Each Manufacturer Has Resellers All Over The World Visitors to each brand can view and purchase a variety of designs and colours for years. Also available on the site are a variety of wall rugs in different designs and colours in 2019. And customers can purchase a variety of wall rugs at affordable prices. Each manufacturer sells part of their products to Wholesale rates are offered to customers. Types of wall carpet designs and colours and pictures of carpet are available for wholesale sale.


What are the uses of wall carpet decor?

Handmade carpets are a unique and often valuable work of art worthy of display. Hanging a carpet on a wall, rather than laying it on the floor, can open up a great deal of depth and life to an otherwise space. It is also found in a remarkable room and can be effective in reducing the effects of echoes and noise.

Wall carpet tiles are fun, durable and versatile. They are great for game rooms, family rooms, basements and can even be used for stylish carpets.

Which walls are suitable for using wall carpets?

Handmade carpets are a unique and often valuable work of art worthy of display. Hanging a carpet on a wall instead of putting it on the floor can give the home a lot of depth and life. It also fits into a bedroom and can be effective in reducing the effects of echoes and noise. Here you can find useful tips on how to put your handmade rug securely on your wall. One method is to make or use a pre-existing frame around the rug and attach it using fabric or nails. Then you can hang it like a painting.

Alternatively, carefully sew a piece of cloth tightly to the back and through the curtain rod to be mounted on the equipment.

Many factors such as the dimensions of the panel, the width of the wall, the height of the panel, the distance between the panel and the ceiling, the weight of the panel, etc., must be taken into account.

  • Panel mounting height

It should be the centre of each machine panel with a ground surface of about 150 cm. Of course, depending on the environment you are installing, for example, the hallway, the top of the sofa or the hall, you must observe its height to the ground level. If you want to install a sign in the hallway or near the entrance, it is best to have a height of 150 to 165 cm, especially if the ceiling is high. To mount the panel above the sofa it should be between 15 to 30 cm between the lower edge of the table and the sofa.

  •  The dimensions of the panel are proportional

Remember that installing small boards above the sofa is not appropriate. Another important factor in choosing the right installation location is the width of the carpet and you need to make sure that the width of the sofa and the sofa below it is no greater. To mount a sign in the living room, it is best to install it on the largest wall or behind the main sofa.

  •  Correct installation of carpets

One of the most important tools for installing paintings and wall art is levelling. You can use its tool as well as its tape meter to align the shade. It is best to use vertical panels to make the wall look taller, but use horizontal panels if you want to extend the wall. You can visually change the dimensions of the environment using different Kashan carpets, and the last step is to mount a quality carpet on the wall. The hook or nail you hit on the wall must be strong enough to hold the weight Can handle the panel easily. If you want to install large boards, it is best to use metal hooks and straps.

Which patterns are more popular in the 2019 market?

Decor wall carpets are woven into tribal and rural designs, miniature, religious and religious themes, landscapes, faces, monuments and statues, etc.

  1. Landscape Wall Rugs: One of the designs that are most popular and suitable to any place and taste is wall landscape rugs. Wall carpets may feature a fall or forest landscape that exhibits a certain beauty.
  2. Miniature Wall Carpets: These wall carpets are drawn using the designs of great masters and give the carpet a special splendour. The wall carpet is very precious and precious and fits in with the luxurious and modern décor.
  3. Quran Wall Rugs: One of the best-selling wall rugs that are more affordable than other carpets and have unique beauty are religious designs or Quran rugs that are suitable for any home decoration or even workplace. Are. Wall hangings of Quranic verses and religious designs are also widely used as gifts, which is a valuable and magnificent gift in itself.
  4. Face wall rugs: Other designs that are very popular and sold are face designs. Face wall carpets can be the faces of celebrities as well as the faces of the people we want to be remembered. These wall carpets are reasonably priced and aesthetically similar to the existing design.
  5. Ancient and Historic Carpets: These types of carpets are mostly used in hotels and places that have a historical aspect but have also been used in homes but less commonly used in homes than the rest.
  6. Nomadic and Rural Wall Carpets: This wall carpet reflects the beauty of the village and the nomadic and has a great deal of beauty in its design and role as it visualizes itself in the view.
  7. Unparalleled white and ultra-stylish white carpets, ideal for bringing subtle air and sleek modernity to any living room, each carpet in this range is professionally made and beautifully finished to give a contemporary and periodic interior Complete the same way.
  8. Wall Tapestry is a type of textile art traditionally hand-woven. Most weavers use wrapped natural yarn such as wool, linen or cotton. Weaving yarns are usually wool or cotton but may be included

Advantages of using carpet in walls


  1. Wallcoverings are one of the interesting and interesting things to decorate and decorate walls. Their high variety, along with the facade they create, makes them attractive options for interior decoration. Wallcover carpet is one of the most interesting and unique options among wall covers. Using the oldest method, carpet weaving, along with a variety of modern and up-to-date designs for wall decoration, suggests carpet weaving.
  2.  Of course, since ancient times, carpets were used to decorate walls carpets do not have a square or rectangular unit, as well as a variety of designs that include abstract shapes. Its shape can be square, rectangular, circular and with other geometric shapes.
  3. The dimensions of the wall carpet can be very limited and can be up to 20 cm in size to the larger design.
  4. The difference in height of the taro weave This type of carpet is also important. This type of wall-mounting taro can have its differences, and the same variety can enhance the creativity of the final work. This variety of dimensions, colours and shapes can help you choose and mix different patterns to decorate your home wall. The wall-to-wall carpet can be considered a more modern and functional version of the carpet.

How to clean wall carpets quickly?

If for any reason you feel your carpet is dirty, we suggest getting carpet cleaning specialists who specialize in carpet cleaning. But if you do not have such centres and would like to do it yourself you should do the following.

First of all, remove the wall carpet from its frame. Then clean the wall with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust particles.

Then make sure the paint is not woven back into the carpet and then dissolve some of the carpet shampoos in cold water and smooth the surface with a large sponge piece you soaked in the solution.

To dry, you need to spread the wall carpet on the ground in a relatively warm environment away from sunlight to evaporate moisture and not change the wall carpet. This does not allow its colours to slip and merge.

Never lay a rug on a rope. Because the cache may come and fall. Widespread carpeting under the sun is also not good. If you want to do this, put it back and forth under the sun. A vacuum cleaner brush is the best method for daily wall carpet dusting.

Famous brands for wall carpets in Asia

Many Asian factories produce the best brands of wall rugs. Famous wall rugs in Asia have an active presence in Asian and European exhibitions. The Asian wall rugs are widely known in Asia. Available in a variety of designs and colours to foreign customers. Asian carpet manufacturers mainly sell their products to customers.

Which Asian countries have the best products at the lowest prices?

Many of today’s best-carpeted walls are made in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Turkey and China.

India is known for its high production of 9/9 knot counting products as well as a variety of traditional and modern carpet designers. Indian wall carpet often contains slightly coarse wool and are heavy and durable.

Pakistan is particularly known for producing Bukhara wall carpet that has classic designs and traditional colours.

Iran: Recognized as one of the longest-lasting producers of high-quality eastern wall carpets, but production has declined in recent years due to political and social unrest. However, the country is still praised for its high quality and light knit products.

Afghanistan Today most of the carpets manufactured in Afghanistan are shipped to Pakistan for washing and finishing and then classified into Pakistan.

China Like other countries, for centuries China has been producing high quality, high-quality Oriental rugs. However, production has shifted sharply to wall carpets in the past decade.

The cost of working in Turkey is significantly higher than the other countries listed here. Therefore, the retail costs of Turkish wall carpets are often much higher.

The country’s popular bamboo silk is often used in many handmade carpets and lowers Nepal’s labour cost (plus fast and efficient knitting techniques) at a lower retail price.

Each country producing wall carpets offers different goods when exporting. You can find poorly made wall carpets as well as impeccable quality from any country. When finding the best wall rugs for your home, look for the right type of wall rugs for your taste.

Biggest manufacturers in the world

The biggest manufacturers in the world include :

  • Afghan
  • India

The Afghan wall carpet industry is also a cultural heritage of the people of Afghanistan, which for many years is still a part of the country’s economic and cultural life. This hereditary art is passed down from one generation to the next and is considered one of the most important industries in the country, playing an important role in its economic position. Wall Carpets, fluffy carpets, silk and cotton. wall Carpet production in Afghanistan is done by a large network of weavers, each working on a specific design. The wall carpets of Afghanistan have been recognized as one of the world-renowned carpets with unique designs and high texture quality.

Unlike other Asian countries where knitting art has a long history, India is now one of the leading industries in the world. One of the main features of Indian wall carpets is their superb design, attractive colours and high quality, which are recognized worldwide by the industry.

It is worth noting that knitting is one of the domestic businesses in the country that contributes significantly to household incomes and the domestic economy, and has also consolidated Afghanistan’s position in carpet exports due to the low costs of carpets.

According to statistics, India is the largest producer and exporter of handmade wall carpets in the world by volume and volume, with between 70 and 75 per cent of carpets being exported. It is interesting to note that India accounts for 35% of the world’s wall carpet industry exports to more than 70 countries.

Wholesale price and retail price of wall carpets

One of the most important and major differences between wholesale wall carpets is their price. In bulk wall carpets sales, the volume of the product in question increases because it is much lower than the retail price. This is if the volume of the commodity exchanged is too small to sell.

One of the reasons for the low price of wholesale carpets is that by buying wall carpets mainly because of their direct purchase from the factory and by eliminating dealers and intermediaries again the price is lower. So by buying wall carpets wholesale the finished price will be very cheap for you.

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