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Carpet production processCarpet types in terms of fiber structureHow to store carpets & supplier Moquette plain styleTips on choosing the right carpetPolyamide fiber for carpet production

supplier Moquette plain style is offering the best. From ancient times to the present day, carpet weaving was useful. At home decoration, various floorboards were used. It was useful in different types. One of these carpets called carpet. Which today is produced in different colors and types. And will released. Carpets are made of natural or artificial fibers. Which is useful to insulate space. Creating a comfortable floor surface is a carpet. Carpets are useful to reduce the sound and add color.

supplier Moquette plain style

Carpet production process

Carpet is one of the most consumable products. Which is the most important feature of each carpet of its fibers. Usually the carpet fibers divided as follows.

  1. Nylon or polyamide
  2. Polypropylene or Olefin
  3. Wool

supplier Moquette plain style

Carpet types in terms of fiber structure

  • Long carpets
  • Carpets with short lace and stripes
  • Artificial turf carpeting
  • Patterned carpets

How to store carpets & supplier Moquette plain style

  1. We offer you. Use a durable carpet if you have a child. Do not use bright colors. Because they are soon dirty
  2. At least two weeks vacuum clean the carpets. Because carpets have this property. They bring the walnut to the cave.
  3. It is best to attach carpets to the ground with glue. So that they can not move

Carpet Advantage

  1. To prevent the loss of thermal energy. So it is very suitable for large spaces
  2. One type of insulation to prevent sound.
  3. Having your carpets the floor of your home is always soft and comfortable.
  4. They are produced in different colors and designs. And suitable for any place.
  5. One-handed carpets with shorter shoots for better gauze space, because they show larger room space.
  6. In the group of durable floorings.
  7. Or using a vacuum cleaner, carpet can be cleaned easily.

supplier Moquette plain style

Tips on choosing the right carpet

  • Floor coverings are important in interior decoration. It is so important. The floor called the main building’s base. Many decorators make room decor based on floor coverings. Floor coverings  selected based on room use and cognitive aesthetics. When choosing a floor covering, you should consider the travel patterns. Usually used in rugged areas of hard and durable flooring. And in low-traffic areas, decorative flooring is useful.
  •  Carpet has been useful for a long time. Because of the convenience and convenience that comes with it. It was the first choice of every family. Carpets are perfectly matched to any style of furniture and decor. And luxuriously, they are also high. And so-called fashionable. supplier Moquette plain style are available.
  • Fixed global carpeting is better. It brings color and texture and role to your rooms. In addition, carpet weaving is a heat and sound insulation. That’s why it’s good in noisy and cool places. And the use of carpet is very suitable. Both carpet and carpet have tangible texture and delicate texture. Which stylates the straight lines and geometric architectural design of the room. Carpets are produced in a variety of textures, colors and designs. And are available. So it’s easy to coordinate with all kinds of decorations.

supplier Moquette plain style

Polyamide fiber for carpet production

This fiber is the best option for yarns. For carpet production. Here you can check out the features of this fiber. It has excellent elasticity. The strength of the fibrous corrosion resistance against opening is high. Excellent cleanability. High resistance to dirt. Ability to hide dirty and dirty. Resistance to wear. Minimum preference. All these great features make. That the carpets made with polyamide are suitable. And are the best option for use at home and business and office locations. Office carpets usually have polyamide fibers. The only negative point of this type of static electricity generation is. Which is also eliminated by the use of chemicals. or with a special process, is reduced to a minimum.

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