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Needle Punch Carpet is offered at a good price. If you are asked what kind of device is more important in decoration design. You will say carpets and rugs. Carpets are used in every single room in Iran. And can not be ignored. Perhaps the first option that comes to your mind is the carpet. From the distant past to today, not only as flooring but as part of a home decor that has a dramatic effect on beauty and the appearance of furniture and decoration. And is used. Until about 50 years ago, the hand made carpet industry still did not grow. So, the possibility of buying handmade carpets was not possible for everyone because of its relatively high price. But nowadays, the Iranian handmade carpet is highly demanded. wholesale commercial carpet is in good price to trade.

Wholesale Commercial Carpet

One of the most important parts of the house is rugs. For homes decoration is always of great interest.  Especially at the reception hall. Choosing the right carpet for the living room can play a significant role in the overall decoration. The first thing to keep in mind when buying a carpet is its elegance and beauty. Of course, do not forget about the fibre used in carpet weaving. Consider adaption of the design of carpet with the furniture and decoration of the room.

These days, the carpet market is waiting for the arrival of Needle Punch and hand made carpets. Beautifully rugged carpet in variant classic rugs. One of the other points to consider when choosing a hand made carpet are features such as anti-staining. Also, note the washable and unwritten carpets. These properties depend on the fibre used in it and these rugs. needle punch indoor-outdoor carpet is available in various types.

What is Needlebond Carpet?

There is some evidence to show. The carpet history of Iran dates back to the third century and the Sassanian era. Of course, the height of carpet art was in the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Handmade carpets of this era are considered one of the most cherished and most valuable carpets in Iran. Iran is proud to host large families of skilled carpenters. Who has transmitted this original art to generation? For this reason, particular designs and colours are found in Persian rugs. Which is often the legacy of a given family. Of course, some patterns and patterns are more important than carpets in Iran.

These include plant designs. It depicts the scenes of the four seasons and the farms. Religious imaging also has a high status in Iran’s handmade carpet. The dominant colour of Iran’s blue and red carpets is woven on the creamy ground. And weavers of olive and earth are carefully mapped according to the map. To get a carpet of medium density at the desired size. The skill of carpet weaving and the use of fine quality cotton and wool of Persian carpets has become one of the most undesirable handmade carpets that deserves to adorn many religious and historical magnificent places around the world. If you want to keep the Persian carpet always soft and velvet and keep its map on the first day, you should wash it. Fix the defects that are worth it down quickly. Of course, Iran handmade carpets are very durable yet soft. What is Needlebond Carpet?

Needle Punch Indoor Outdoor Carpet wholesalers

Machine carpets are produced by different machines. Which can be used for Toscima, WondoWill, Shunhar, Alpha, CRX, ASR, VTR, etc. The type of any carpet can also be acrylic or BCF and a mixture of these two, or new fibres of silk and polyester. It should be noted that 100% of acrylic carpets have higher quality and price. However, silk carpets are currently considered to be extremely easy to clean and easy to maintain, and high brightness and brightness. And has been considered as the best flooring in global markets. As well as carpets are based on the density of 350, 440, 500, 700, 1000 and 1200. The density of the carpets can also be based on the type of machine having a density of between 700 and 3600. Recently, the carpet weaving machine 1500, which is capable of producing carpets with a density of 4500, has entered the market.

Needle Punch Carpet Prices

In knitting machines, there is typically a part called a comb carpet. That the warp of the carpet is rejected from the comb. In fact, the transverse density in the knots weaving is called the same comb of the carpet and its unit is the meter. And it’s easy to calculate. For example, if we say that the carpet is 1000 comb. That is, in every one meter, the number of nodes in it is 1000. So we can calculate nodes of one fifth or one-tenth of a meter. Measure the comb of the carpet. There is a difference of 700 carpets with 1000 comb and 1200 comb of the same number of nodes. However, there are many differences that we will discuss.

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