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Best color of wall to wall carpets for your homeWhich colors are bestselling?Top advantages of wall to wall carpetsWhich carpets are luxury and why?Are wall to wall carpets handmade?Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Design Tips For BuyersIncome of exporting wall to wall carpetsPrice changes of the luxury carpets in last 2 yearsHistory of wall to wall carpets

We are all familiar with wall to wall carpets and we know that there has been a lot of progress in this area over the last few years. As the carpet has now become one of the commercial commodities exported to Asian and European countries, and even in some countries, a large share of the country’s exports are in the field of carpet. Of course, there are many manufacturing companies around the world, but some of the factories and the best and luxury wall to wall carpet brand that has been able to keep up-to-date and produce new designs and market them have been more active.

Best color of wall to wall carpets for your home

Wall to wall carpets for home all over the world are considered as an integral and extraordinary part of interior decoration and their special place in the design of interior decoration is undeniable. Sometimes the incarnation of a classic and luxurious classic atmosphere without wall to wall carpet is truly unthinkable!

The floor is actually the fifth wall and its color is as important as the walls, furniture and fabrics used in the home. A good choice for flooring makes it comfortable and appealing. Before buying a wall to wall carpet, be sure to consider the color of your home flooring that you want to cover, if you have neutral colors, you will find it easier, but if Your home flooring has colors such as the brown spectrum. Be sure to choose wall to wall carpets that match the flooring, although the contrast between the color of the wall to wall carpet and the flooring used in home interior design, according to experts, will make the wall to wall carpets more visible. In general, if you are in favor of contrast or contrast in the blended home decoration, you should use contrasting colors and if you wish to create harmony or harmony in the decoration, you should use complementary colors. Keep in mind, too, that the color of the floor and walls must be chosen together. For example, dark flooring with dark walls closes the room, but if you have darker colors, you will no longer have to use light furniture.

You can also use wall carpet tiles that fit your home. In general, one can say that the best color for a carpet in any home differs from one another to a large extent, depending on the decoration of the home and the range of colors and the taste of the individual.

Which colors are bestselling?

wall to wall carpets are available in a variety of designs and colors. This variety in design and color is a good answer for different tastes. Also nowadays, with the expansion of production and consumption of machine carpes and, most importantly, their affordable prices compared to hand-made carpets, the wall to wall carpet trends is becoming more machine-made. Machine wall to wall carpets are available in various categories as 700 comb rugs, 1000 comb wall to wall carpets and 1200 comb carpets.

Wall to wall carpets were usually made of lacquered cream in colors such as cream. But nowadays, carpets are offered in new and special designs such as cashmere, silver, elephant, beige and etc Texture that is also welcomed by buyers of wall to wall carpets. To make the home environment more pleasant and happy. Instead, dark carpets are used to make the home more modern and classic.

It can be honestly said that the most beautiful and best-selling color of the wall to wall carpet in 2019 is silver and cashmere. It has been widely welcomed by consumers for a short time in the production of these colors, and wall to wall carpet trends 2019 to be more towards these colors.

Also, the navy color of both green and blue is psychologically excellent energy at times of distress and crisis that is created psychologically. The navy color on the wall to wall carpet also brings happiness. Most carpet designs are woven for the first time because the wall to wall carpet is considered the best-selling carpet and has more applicants.

Top advantages of wall to wall carpets

Wall-to-wall rugs are the most common type of soft flooring. The wall rug gives the wall of justice the word “soft floor”. They are real soft foam. If you want a cozy, royal and beautiful look in your room, wall-to-wall rugs are the best product. As always there are advantages and disadvantages of wall-to-wall carpets.

Wall carpets roll into the wall. They are cut to the size of the room to install wall rugs. The rug may be fitted in a room because it is 6 feet wide, 10 feet wide, 12 feet wide, and 13 feet wide. To cover the entire room, the installer has to cut the rug up to your size. Please note that if your room is larger than the width of the rug, there may be joints. If your room is carpet-wide, you will have less wall-to-wall carpeting.

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of wall carpets, let us know the different types of carpets available in the market.

There are different types of wall-to-wall carpets:

  • The most economical non-woven rug. (Widely used in tent homes, wedding halls and public functions such as conferences, trade fairs, etc.)
  • Luxury looks like thick candle carpets cut. These carpets have a luxurious appearance, are generally thick and have been cut from the top. Carpet is the appearance of animal fur or hair.
  • Ring candle carpets. These rugs are made with multiple rings throughout the rug. In other words, the carpet candle is intact. In luxury carpets, the candle is cut in the shape of a ring, and the candle in the ring is irregularly shaped. The fiber density in the carpet tells you the quality of the carpet.
  • Ring Carpets – Tiles is the latest entrant in the field. These carpets are ring piles made of tile and have a very strong back underneath to give the carpet strength. These carpet tiles are mainly installed in office, home theater and so on. Adding the benefits of sound insulation, carpet tiles give every office a very royal, elegant and corporate look. In large offices where there are too many people to work in a particular area, noise and noise may be disturbed, carpet tiles work as an acoustic element, and an amazing floor-to-ceiling sound insulation. Next to the false ceiling and other voices. Administrators installed in each area.

Advantages of wall to wall :

  • The carpet is a very good insulator. This can save on your AC Bill and make the room cool faster and warm you in winter and colder weather.
  • It would not be wrong to write that maintenance is easier. If you can do regular vacuum cleaning, a carpet is a great product. You must protect the carpet against stains, moisture and dirt. If you consider all of the above, you cannot explain the merits of a carpet. You will enjoy having carpet wall to wall carpet.
  • The carpet is a very good sound insulator. You can experience the benefits of sound insulation while watching TV in the carpet or children playing in the carpet. If you have wall-to-wall carpets installed, there will be very little noise and environment.
  • You can enjoy naked hiking on the wall and wall carpet. Overall it’s a great experience.
  • In the offices too, ring pile rugs and carpet tiles are an advantage. Ring rugs are very rough and rugged for wear and tear. Carpet tiles are another advantage for office areas. If you need floor repairs, you can only replace damaged carpet tiles.
  • Wall-to-wall rugs are 100% anti-slip and protect against crashes due to falling on the floors for any reason. These are the safest form of flooring for the elderly and young children
  • As always, each product has its advantages and disadvantages that we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of wall-to-wall carpets.

Which carpets are luxury and why?

When it comes to a silk carpet, we all unconsciously imagine it to be a luxurious, classic-style commodity. We have to say that this is actually a very good idea. All over the world it is the best choice for a space with a classical style of carpets, and its silk type is the best choice for the classic space. Silk carpets have been around for a long time, and the point is that no natural fibers are used in a carpet and all the fibers used are synthetic.

Silk carpets are often used for spaces such as living and dining, and are not used for spaces such as the child’s room and busy spaces because of their high quality and value. Easier to use, which have better washability and less damage to the carpits.

Are wall to wall carpets handmade?

Like other carpets, these types of carpets have both hand-made and machine-made types. However, nowadays, with the expansion of production and consumption of carpets and, most importantly, the wall to wall carpet priceswall to wall carpet has expanded and are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. at the market, level depends on whether they are handmade or machine-made, their quality, the raw materials used in making them and etc.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Design Tips For Buyers

When choosing a wall to wall carpet, not only the color and design must be taken into account, but also how the wall to wall carpet is placed and where and how it should be spread. The size of the wall to wall carpet should be large enough for the edges of the carpet to be beneath the base of the sofa, but sometimes it can be widened otherwise. There are various methods and rules on how to place wall to wall carpets at home, including :

  • To maximize the living space and increase the distance between the sofas, the sofa should be positioned on the wall to wall carpet so that its front legs are on the carpet and the rear legs are on the ground.
  • If your wall to wall carpet is large, you can place the four pillows on the sofa.
  • If there is a wall to wall carpet in your room, fold the chairs or sofas around so that they are supported on the carpet. This type of wall to wall carpet doubles the beauty of the carpet and makes this more reflective.
  • Widen the carpet 2 cm away from the wall. This method can be used both in small and large rooms.
  • To create a modern and beautiful room, the carpet should be a few centimeters smaller than the floor so that it is within the wall when you expand it.
  • If you want to make a large wall to wall carpet in the bedroom, it is best to have a carpet that extends under the bed 4 cm larger than the size of the bed. If the carpet is small it will go under the bed and its appearance will not be clear.
  • If you have room for a small carpet, spread it out in front of the bed.
  • The rug chosen for the dining table underneath should be larger than the desk and beyond the seats, so that the chairs can be positioned on the wall to wall carpet when you pull the chairs back.
  • Use a wall to wall carpet or narrow rugs for the hallway. Filling the narrow corridor space with wall to wall carpet is a very interesting idea in the decoration design.
  • Instead of buying a large wall to wall carpet you can use a few rugs to cover the floor. This idea makes the room look more beautiful.

Income of exporting wall to wall carpets

Export markets include both traditional and new markets. In the current economic situation and the necessity of transitioning from single-product and oil exports, the position of handicrafts in exports is an issue that needs increasing attention.

Among the export handicrafts, the wall to wall carpet has the largest share of exports and has attracted many fans in the global markets. It is thus conceivable to what extent these valuable handicrafts have an impact on household income as well as helping the economy cycle through increased per capita income. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, wall to wall carpet online also has a large share of export profits.

Price changes of the luxury carpets in last 2 years

Today, the price of handmade carpets is higher than that of carpets. Handmade carpet symbolizes the culture and ethnicity of the country and is of great value. The designs of this type of carpet are unique and woven by expert weavers. The high cost of these carpets is because of their handmade carpets, which is why carpets made by automatic machines are more affordable. Of all the types of handmade carpet designs, silk carpets are of higher value and price than the beauty of carpets, but the benefits of a carpet are that for any interior decoration style you can choose a coordinated carpet from home. enjoyed.

Today, there are numerous stores and markets around the world offering a variety of machine and handmade rugs. Basically in the carpet markets the price of this product is better than the luxury stores in the city. So if you are looking for a variety of affordable carpets, go to the carpet market in your city to buy your favorite carpet. Such changes in the currency and dollar in the last two years have certainly affected the carpet price. You can easily see these price changes on the Internet.

History of wall to wall carpets

The first machine wall to wall carpets in the velvet and silk factories were manufactured and marketed by jacquard velvet weaving machines with relatively short shiny and lint synthetic fibers and lightweight. At the same time, some merchants brought wall to wall carpets with the same characteristics and, to a lesser degree, to Belgium, familiarizing themselves with the phenomenon of machine-made wall to wall carpets. Seeing the relatively favorable reception of wall to wall carpets by well-known manufacturers and investors of countries, they set up many trading companies in the field of carpet-related materials production as well as machine-made products themselves.

These products were quite different from the previous ones and had a lot of resemblance to the handmade wall to wall carpets, especially the wool type which was extremely popular. Subsequently, other companies were established and competed with previous ones.

nowadays, there is still competition between manufacturers and brands of wall to wall carpets, and more detailed information can be found on the Internet.

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