The living room is where family members and guests gather to discuss and engage in daily activities. Therefore, the layout of the living room at home is very important. Fortunately, whether your living room is large or small, Living Room Carpet can be used in a variety of sizes.

The carpet should be selected according to the type of decoration and its use is predetermined. The rug chosen for the living room differs from the bedroom rug in terms of design.To buy and arrange carpets and other home based paints, you need to know the complementary and contrasting colors and colors. Since not everyone is fully aware of complementary colors, it is better to pay attention to the dark or lighter carpet. That is, if your main area of ​​carpet is purple, green or red and you do not have the expertise to identify complementary and adjacent colors, choose your other accessories with a lighter or bolder color. Another way is to choose one of the colors you love most and buy other accessories to suit that color, but it can also be a little darker or lighter.


How to Produce Wall to Wall Carpets for Export?


How to Produce Wall to Wall Carpets for Export. One of the most beautiful gift or gift you can give to others is a lasting commodity that will always remind you of seeing it. We recommend that you can use carpets and wall carpets and present it to your friend or loved one as a valuable gift. Inker needs you to get a memorable image of that person or a trace of them and deliver them to the carpet factory. After that, they transform your image into a carpet weaving process after being delivered using a computer software, and from there the next step is its texture. There are two types of machine weaving and digital printing in the carpet weaving factory. These are two completely different ways to texture an export wall carpet because they both have different processes. In machine textures, the map you want to customize is first programmed into the weaving machine. This machine is woven according to the same map using the best yarn and eventually delivers what you have ordered. The last step is to export the exported wall carpets to your door. But another type of digital printing context is a new way. In fact, at the stage where you delivered the order and turned it into a carpet weaving, a wall carpet is produced and woven without a white background. Next, print out your white background using a printer. To make it look more like a carpet, the design is turned around. True, both are ways to text your order, but you should know that digital textures are less durable, but they are much faster than machine textures and can be said that if you are in a hurry you should use digital printing.

Latest Changes in the Price List of Wall to Wall Carpets

Latest changes to the Price List of Wall to Wall Carpets are offered to dear buyers and price lists of all types of wall carpets are provided with full details and details on online shopping sites for customers to easily view prices and Compare with other markets and order the best and highest quality goods to be delivered as soon as possible.The price of beautiful wall carpets depends on many factors and if you buy and sell your loved ones in general, wholesale and in cash from manufacturers directly and without any dealer, in addition to very good quality, very good discounts You will.

Living room rug features:

  • Attractive designs
  • multiple colors
  • good quality
  • standard dimensions
  • delicate and precise texture
  • very soft and light
  • to suit all tastes

Minimum Cost of Living Room Carpet for Sale

Minimum Cost of Living Room Carpet for Sale is very convenient and optimal. Because dealers and brokers are short of these deals and markets, you can buy and sell this product directly. Best carpet for living room with pets is available through reputable collections and dealerships and even living room carpet colors are very attractive and attractive.To make the interior decoration work easier, you should first buy your carpet and provide the rest with the type and design of the carpet, as carpet preparation usually takes time and hard work in the final stage, if it is still kind. Decoration You are not sure you can choose a neutral color for your carpet. Your culture and lifestyle are another factor in choosing the type and color of the carpet, whether you are used to commuting with your shoes on the outside, or your partying with the majority of shoes on the carpet, if you have a toddler and Or keep a pet, it is best to choose a carpet that is darker in color and smaller in size because it will have an easier wash in addition to showing it later.

Average Price of Carpeting Living room with Moquette?

The average price of a carpeting living room with Moquette varies depending on different parameters. Carpet is one of the most important and important means of home because it is in direct contact with the human body and especially children for a long time. With this in mind the quality of the yarn and the thickness of the carpet is very important. Standard size carpet thickness for living room rugs is one centimeter and used over fifty different yarn for carpet texture and is used in homes for the best hard wearing carpet for living room has attracted many fans and fans.

How Rate of Moquette will change?

Many carpet stores, usually carpets, are for The high sales of their products are auctioned off. By auctionBy making this product, customers can get special discounts and significant discountsBenefit. These centers sell carpets at factory prices and cheaply.Carpet broadcasting companies also have this product in betweenCustomers bid at the lowest prices. Cheap Selling This Product Makes SellingThe product will go up and manufacturers will increase their production. Those whoThey need carpeting a lot, they can go to wholesale centers and so onBuy this product in bulk and at the cheapest price and the carpet price will vary depending on the situation. The newest carpet designed based on various factors such as quality, warranty, brand name, materialsPrimary, type of application, etc. are priced by manufacturers. These factorsIt is changing day by day, making it the newest price list on the market Submitted.The price of this type of carpet can be from manufacturers and centersReceived various sites. Today there are many fluctuations in the stock market The economy of the country is created which has a great impact on the prices of different products. In Karaj carpet shop you can get the latest carpet prices.

Live Rate of Wall to Wall Carpets in all around the world

Live rate of wall to wall carpets in all around the world depends on various factors. The different prices of carpets including wall carpets depend on various factors and parameters. That the audience can buy and benefit the best product in a special and unique fashion and hygienic packaging.Cheap wall carpets are packaged for loved ones in consumer markets, and you can pay less if you buy and sell them immediately. Selling this oil will save you money and also get special support.Fortunately, it is now possible for all shoppers to buy the most varied rugs without increasing the price and at the rate of the day to buy the best product in bulk and directly from the door of reputable manufacturing plants.If the interior decoration of your home needs a major overhaul, get help from the living room rugs. Be sure that the design of the rugs in the rooms is sufficiently varied that you can easily find the rug that suits your desired decoration. Experts suggest that if you have a bright, sunny home that is boring, use warm carpets.

Living Room Carpet Wholesalers in 2020

Wholesalers in the living room rugs are very numerous in the country that deliver and distribute this product to suit any taste, price, variety of colors, with a very special and acceptable quality and price.One of the prestigious living room carpet markets is the carpet wholesalers in the country, which cater to different tastes and offer the latest carpets with the most varied designs and colors for dear buyers.The wholesalers of the full room carpet have a great deal of enthusiasm that covers the whole house in the cold season and prevents colds from coming in and being able to buy and sell different models with good quality.

Which Moquette Companies have Discount for 2020?

Search through the reputable markets to find out which Moquette Companies have Discount for 2020. Diverse carpet models are sold in a variety of ways with the new design in the country’s largest sales centers. From Direct shopping centers for carpets can be found at various stores Like carpet stores pointed out that this product to face Major and minor to Sell.There are also shopping sites and virtual stores on the pages A community of centers created by vendors and indirectly selling carpet types.All over the country.This product is sold by sites sellersIn addition to Tehran, it is shipped to different parts of the country, making shopping convenient and hassle-free for customers Acts. Buying a variety of new carpet models can also be obtained from importing centersDid thatThis product is offered to customers at a reasonable price and more than the market.


How to Estimate the Carpet Flooring Price for 2020?

Different factors affect the estimation of the price of antique and antique carpets and the totality of each artistic masterpiece. The value or price of antique art depends primarily on the interest of buyers and the market atmosphere. How much the buyer or trader of the carpet is willing to pay for the carpet determines the price. The value of antique carpet depends on the size, scarcity, quality of wool, texture, color, status, age, design and especially the combination of all these criteria. Carpet dating has a significant impact on its price and older carpets, especially carpets from the 19th century, are very valuable because old weavers emphasized their quality rather than trying to reduce the price of the carpet. This is why many older carpets are woven with better materials and more attention is paid to them. Older carpets, especially those that are in good condition, are more valuable because of their rarity, and today there is no longer a carpet that has the appearance and texture of such antique carpets. Larger rugs are usually more expensive than small rugs, although this is not the case for all rugs, especially rare rugs. The value of each carpet depends to some extent on the specialized and internal factors that are constant in spite of changing people’s tastes. In other words, fashion also affects the price of the carpet, a fashionable design that loses its fans after a while. Certain types of carpets are more popular at any given time, so day-to-day carpets are at least more expensive to sell. But people’s tastes change and the mods are all fleeting. So a fashionable carpet may not be worth today, in the future, and after fashion changes. But the best rare and collectible rugs maintain their value over time. These exquisite and unique masterpieces are the safest investment that will grow in value. Which is the living room carpet trends towards more charm and colors.

10 Tips for selling Wall to Wall Carpet to Foreign Countries

Wall carpets are decorative and lacquered. Today, many people around the world are using this luxurious and beautiful product to decorate and decorate their homes. The most important advantage of switchboards is that it is not possible to cheat and use poor quality raw materials.Carpets have grown in Iran and have created high employment in the provinces. It has also been in high demand in domestic markets. Carpet exports have grown significantly today as a commercial phenomenon. Iran is one of the leading countries in the fabric and production of rugs and carpets. Handmade carpets and handmade carpets Iran has many demands on the world market. Carpets are a favorite of many people in the world. This Iranian art is the beauty of homes. Handmade carpets are very expensive and exquisite, which is why the export price of handmade carpets is very high compared to machine carpets. But the quality and beauty of the handmade carpets are not comparable to the carpets and the Tips for selling Wall to Wall Carpet to Foreign Countries.