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High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall Carpet

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custom wall to wall axminster carpetHigh quality printed wall to wall carpet

Wool is the oldest fiber used in flooring. Wool Wall to Wall does not contain contamination. Wool Wall to Wall has very soft, flexible and durable fibers. The properties of Wool Wall to Wall fibers are used as a criterion for the comparison and standardization of other fibers. Wool Wall to Wall is a type of woven carpet. These types of carpets are woven and woven and resemble machine rugs which are very resistant in terms of root resistance as they are woven and woven. Due to the high cost of production and its cost, this weaving technique is usually used for woolen carpets.

High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall Carpet

custom wall to wall axminster carpet

custom wall to wall axminster carpet To increase the wear resistance of wool carpets, they usually add 20% polyamide-nylon fibers and then weave the carpet, which is called wall to wall Axminster carpet, with 80% wool and 20% wool. It’s a polyamide. Usually, these carpets are used for five-star upscale hotels or for very specific suites, and all designs that are applicable to handmade carpets can be used in this type of carpet as well. The finished price of this type of carpet is usually three times the price of the Nylon fiber carpet and it is a direct function of the area of ​​demand. Wool carpeting naturally has a high elasticity and flexibility, although it is less elastic and flexible than nylon fibers, the texture of the carpet surface in the wool carpet is well maintained and durable. Wool carpeting is also highly reversible (meaning that the fibers can be restored to their original state after they have fallen asleep).

High quality printed wall to wall carpet

High quality printed wall to wall carpet There are many reasons to use carpeting in floor coverings, one of which is the sense of luxury that induces home interiors, the luxury that comes with simplicity. Today carpets allow you to choose from all the different designs and styles that best suit your home’s interior decoration. Carpets can have a neutral color base, or have a focal point with a bold or vibrant color scheme. Carpets are durable and durable, and you can safely use them in designing your home interior if you are diligent in keeping them. Benefits of using the wall to wall carpet at home:

  •  Carpeting, proper insulation
  •  A sense of security with carpets
  • Carpeting for neighbors
  • Carpet resistance and durability
  • Easy carpet maintenance

Carpets with slightly thicker and denser textures can be sound, cold, and heat insulated, a great advantage for all types of hairstyles. Carpeting is an ideal substrate that can safeguard our footsteps. Carpeting can minimize the damage caused by falling on the stairs, especially if you have a toddler or an elderly person in your home. Carpets are easy to maintain, costing you time and money to repair or replace a carpet much less than the cost of maintaining a carpet or even flooring such as parquet, laminate, and stone. Is. The carpets are so versatile in their designs, colors, and styles that they can be easily used in home interior design, giving each space a fresh color and finish as needed and for any space. The interior of the house looked like a different carpet.

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