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hot sale loop pile carpeBest selling and high quality plush carpets

Polypropylene loop is a carpet style made by combining ring fibers with a straight cut. This allows the manufacturer to create a pattern on the carpet, which can be geometric or abstract. As with most carpet styles, cuts and rings are available in different qualities. The amount of foot traffic that will be carpeted, as well as the length of time you want to finish the carpet, must be taken into account when deciding whether the cut and ring is the right choice for your home.


hot sale loop pile carpe

hot sale loop pile carpe

These rings can have height adjustments, for example 9 mm and 12 mm. Therefore, a carpet of great beauty will be produced. The loop of the fibers makes these fibers more soft and anti-frosty because they store more air and you know that the air itself is an insulator. The long-lasting properties of yarn are found in both synthetic carpet production materials and natural fibers. Wool has a stretching effect on natural fibers, so it can be used as looped yarn to produce natural fibers. But wool, as we know, is expensive and cannot be supplied by everyone in the community, so this matter is, as always, synthetic fibers. In synthetic fibers this is done by BFC yarn (bfc) This is a large filament yarn made from nylon, polypropylene. Occasionally, on a client’s request, a mixture of BFC and wool fibers is included in the carpet production agenda. Sometimes, despite the cost, customers order pure wool carpet.

Types of carpets are made with looped rope, short rings, elongated rings, long rings and patterned rings. These rugs are used in shopping malls, hotels, public places, hotels and homes and are good flooring.  if you want to mention the type of carpets made with looped yarn.

Although ring textures can be hand-made, the machines for the fabrication of loop yarn are Tafting ring. These machines have high operating speed. The machines can now change the texture and layout of the carpet within 30 minutes. On the other hand, the power of these machines allows us to produce endlessly new carpet designs, and these carpets have different designs and compactness and qualities.

Best selling and high quality plush carpets

Best quality wool rugs

Nowadays various factories produce machine wool carpets and now due to the competitive market and the intense competition between the carpet makers, most of them try to provide different types of carpets with different types of fibers in order to increase their competitiveness. . But the handmade wool carpet is of a remarkable quality and has a great deal of difference with machine products, and if you are looking to buy a handmade wool rug, we recommend that you do not go for a car and buy Iranian handmade art that is also of great beauty. Terry has more and will be an asset to your life. You can find information about loop pile carpe and high quality plush carpets on various websites.

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