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Carpet stair treads|flooring company carpet stair treads

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How to Make Stair Treads from Carpet Remnants?How to Keep Stair Treads from Moving Around?Why Is It Good To Have a Flat Weave Carpet on Your Stairs?Is it important to put a carpet on the stairs?Good Deals About Stair Tread Carpet BusinessHow to Install Carpet on Stairs?What Type of Carpet Should You Use on Stairs?Stair Carpet by FiberStair Carpet Pile SelectionBest Colors for Stair CarpetsHome Improvement: Hardwood or Carpet on Stairs?What Are the Advantages of Stair Tread Carpeting?Buy Stair Tread Carpet at Wholesale Price
Carpet stair treads

Pet-friendly, slip-resistant Carpet stair treads can make your home safer and more gorgeous. You can use carpet, runners, and mats for stairs to help prevent people and pets from losing their footing on slippery staircases. Most famous companies offer stylish, affordable and easy-to-install slip-resistant pads for carpet stairs. They are a particularly common choice for homes with pets, kids and elderly residents. Furthermost, all carpet stair treads have some common features as nice Style, Safety, Noise reduction, Warmth, Comfort and Wear-protection. At carpet stair Company, the carpet suppliers offer the widest selection of carpet stair treads available anywhere, including options that meet any budget for any home.


Carpet stair treads


How to Make Stair Treads from Carpet Remnants?


Carpet stair treads

While stairs are a necessity in many homes, they are also a hazard, and slipping on a staircase can lead to a serious injury. Adding carpeting to your stairs improves their traction and makes it easier to climb safely. As a bonus, adding carpeting onto otherwise plain stairs adds a decorative element to them. Although you could use a large piece of carpet to cover your entire staircase, it is not necessary. You can use carpet remnants instead to build your own custom stair treads.

Follow Below Steps;

  1. Measure the steps on your stairs and multiply the measurements together to get the area. This will help you determine approximately how much carpeting you need.
  2. Lay a piece of newspaper on a stair step, trace over the step with a pen, and then cut out the shape to make a pattern that will fit the step. If you have steps that are several different sizes or shapes, make a pattern for each one.
  3. Lay the pattern or patterns over the back of the carpet remnant. Trace around the pattern with a pen, marking the remnant. Repeat until you have marked the carpet for each step
  4. Cut out your carpet pieces with a utility knife or a carpet knife. Run a small bead of seam sealer or carpeting adhesive along the edges of each piece. This prevents fraying. Some carpets, such as vinyl-backed varieties, do not require seam sealer. Wait until the glue dries.
  5. Attach each carpet piece to a step. Carpet tape is suited for attaching carpet to most types of stairs. You may also consider using carpet adhesive, nails or staples, depending upon your needs.

How to Keep Stair Treads from Moving Around?


Carpet stair treads

Carpet stair treads are strips of carpeting designed to sit on each individual step in a staircase. They provide added adhesion for people going up or down the stairs, helping reduce the risk of slipping and falling, and they protect the surface of the stairs from damage. You can use carpet stair treads on hardwood, laminate or carpeted stairs equally effectively. To ensure that the treads themselves don’t slip underfoot and cause more trouble than they prevent, fasten each tread to its step using adhesive or carpet tacks. Fasten the treads with carpet tacks if your stairs are already carpeted. Insert three carpet pins in the center of each stair tread and another pin in each corner, making a total of seven pins per stair. You can do this in addition to or instead of using adhesive.


Why Is It Good To Have a Flat Weave Carpet on Your Stairs?

Carpet stair treads

Carpet on stairs takes the most abuse than any other area in your house. The constant pounding of your heals on the Fiber cause the carpet on the nosing to crush. This crushing, although it’s not worn, gives it a look that it’s worn. Especially along the middle of your stairway where the most traffic occurs. Since a flat weave is “flat”, there is no crushing of the Fiber that occurs, therefore making the carpet look unaffected for a longer period. Having carpet on the stairs is infinitely safer than having the stairs covered in hard surface flooring. Firstly, and most obviously, hard surfaces are slippery, and can easily lead to a fall. Secondly, should a fall occur, carpet offers a much softer landing spot than hardwood or laminate, which could help reduce the likelihood of injury. If you prefer organic wool carpet on the stairs, it is a good idea, even if it is in the form of a runner on the stairs. Having natural wool carpet on the stairs is infinitely safer than having the stairs covered with hard surface flooring. You can use sisal carpets or wool carpets for stairs.



Is it important to put a carpet on the stairs?

Carpet stair treads

Some people think it is important to put a carpet on the stairs. It solely depends on the personal views of the owner of the house or office. Simply you don’t need to have your stairs covered with carpets. As a beauty lover,High quality carpet suppliers would like to suggest you consider the carpet for your stairs as it has some positive advances such as you can be safe from slipping down, carpet can protect your stairs from dust or unexpected stains and keeps its new looking and above all, it will enhance the loveliness of your stairs even your room. So, you can use a carpet to cover your stairs or not according to your desire.

consider this case that ;

  • If you have a smooth surface that lets you slip when you up and down at your home, then you should do carpeting on your stairs. Stairs carpeting is not cost-effective it took a lot of effort to tuck carpet fabric on the edges of stairs that’s why carpet service providers will charge high as compared to bedroom or living room carpeting. You will need something on stairs for traction for safety and pets. You could just put down removable carpet treads, in a color that will not draw attention to them. They are machine washable and very easy to put down. When carpeting your home, you may get an offer to carpet the stairs, too. On a per-square-footage basis, stairs are a bit more difficult to carpet than floors because of the tucking and tacking required to get the carpeting tight on the stairs. This offer will likely cost you more money.


Good Deals About Stair Tread Carpet Business

Carpet stair treads

Quality, Stylish Carpet Stair Treads make your home gorgeous. Extend the life of your high traffic hardwood stairs. Reduce slips and increase adhesive friction. Cut down on track-in dirt. Great for pets and pet owners. Made in the famous companies from a quality, long lasting stain resistant olefin carpeting with non-slip padded foam backing. Stands up great to high traffic. A fresh new look for your staircase. Do-it-yourself installation is quick and cuts your prices as well. Simply place your stair tread carpet on your staircase and go. No tapes, adhesives, staples, or glue needed. And rest confident, they won’t move and they won’t damage your hardwood either. They are also simple and easy to take out as well with no sticky residue left behind. Amazing non-slip padded backing prevents movement, adds a cushion. Helps prevent slips on your hardwood stairs. Protects your hardwood stairs from wear and tear. It helps your dog easily navigate the slippery staircase.

How to Install Carpet on Stairs?

Carpet stair treads

Getting a handle on a side of the floor covering, start pulling until extricated carpet in one of the top staircase corners. Then pull the floor covering off the whole stair riser. It’s better to chipping away at one section at once before proceeding onward; for instance, do one riser totally before pulling more cover up off the connecting tread. Remove tack strips and cover the cushion on treads. Tack strips are ordinarily segments of wood with little grippers confronting upward that stick to covering and hold it set up safely. The tack strips are normally nailed, so utilize a crowbar and mallet to painstakingly evacuate these. Continue uprooting carpet segments down the whole staircase. Keeping the carpet beneath you in place as you’re expelling staples from stairs above furnishes you with a protected spot to sit or work from.


What Type of Carpet Should You Use on Stairs?

Carpet stair treads


A carpet labeled heavy domestic or extra-heavy domestic is more severely tested than other types of carpeting and will better endure the demands of stair use. A combination of the carpeting with good quality, hard-wearing underpads will protect the stairs and make a softer landing for feet. If a price is a concern, invest in a premium quality underlay and a somewhat lesser quality carpet as the underlay will help to prolong the life of the carpet.

  • Stair Carpet by Fiber

Wool is naturally fire retardant, has a characteristic wadding factor and is stain resistant, necessitating less care and maintenance than even synthetic materials. Wool carpeting is commonly used in high-traffic commercial spaces, such as hotels and conference centers, for these reasons. Alternative sustainable, environmentally conscious choices include sisal, seagrass, coir, and jute, though jute is less hard-wearing than the others and is not a wise choice for stairs. Synthetic materials cost less than carpets with natural fibers. Nylon is a popular choice for carpets because of its strength, durability, and resistance to staining. Polyester isn’t as durable but its moth resistant, stain-resistant and non-allergenic. Another synthetic, polypropylene, is a common choice for basements or outdoor areas because of its resistance to moisture but it’s quite durable as well.

  • Stair Carpet Pile Selection

A low, dense pile carpet is the most forgiving on stairs, hiding footprints and vacuum marks and not flattening underfoot. Berber, woven and loop-pile carpets all contain looped fibers. Good quality carpets that use heavier yarns and fibers and have a tight weave can better withstand tears and pulls. However, if you have pets with claws, especially those that like to scratch at surfaces, a better option is a twist pile, which will not snag or fray like a loop.

  • Best Colors for Stair Carpets

Even durable, stain-resistant carpets and runners can show dirt and wear and tear over time. Light colors are most prone to showing stains, while very dark tones will show dust and fluff; mid-tones are the most forgiving.



Home Improvement: Hardwood or Carpet on Stairs?


Most people will choose carpet over hardwood for the simple reason of comfort. Children, as well as adults, tend to step heavily on stair treads and so as well as being softer underfoot, you will dampen down any noise considerably. Carpet should be thought about early on during a project as the stairs will need to be template if you are having any kind of a border.

And about the Type of carpet. most people go for a loop rather than a twist pile. You don’t want to see the flattened carpet on the stairs in just a few weeks’ time!

Further notes about Underlay. You do not get anything too thick or you risk the danger that the stair treads will be too thick and bouncy and could cause injury. Having a carpet on the stairs does not necessarily discourage drops, but in comparison with hardwood, it helps to provide traction. Slippery hard surfaces can readily lead to a fall. The best thing to add at home is commercial floor mats or rubber stair treads.


What Are the Advantages of Stair Tread Carpeting?


Carpet stair treads

No more moving around: No need to readjust your treads every 5 minutes. The Immobile tread strips are your perfect solution. Some step treads come with an Anti-Moving and Slipping” surface which covers the whole backing of the tread to despair from your hard work of installation. The Anti Moving backing is gentle while keeping its utmost effectiveness so you can remove the treads easily whenever you want (And put them back) without worrying of leaving residue on your wood stairs

  • Premium Quality – Mats stair tread are made out of soft, reliable and durable wool blends, which is known to be the most premium, luxurious and high-quality material for carpets available. While being natural and soft on bare feet for the whole family satisfaction, the unique fiber structure is strong and hard-wearing and providing natural protection to help resist staining and soiling.
  • Prevents Slipping– Whereas offering the flawless carpet specification, materials, and quality for you and your family, stair covers are the best solution to eradicate slipping and falling situations on stairs. We can use Stair treads on any surface and material. They have a soft and effective texture that feels good on bare feet, while keeping its anti-slip components, and are environmentally friendly to make sure your pets, kids and all loved ones are protected and safe at all times.
  • Perfect size and Easy Cleaned – However giving you the perfect size for your stairs, with an all-around, corner to corner safety and comfort for your family’s satisfaction, stair treads are easy to clean. Whether it’s the dog’s hair, the kids spilling food and drinks or just dust on your new carpet stair runners, most stair treads are stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily and simply with a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine, without any issues or worry.

Buy Stair Tread Carpet at Wholesale Price

Carpet stair treads


Everyone loves a beautiful hardwood stairway, but even the most attractive stairs can be slippery for anyone in the family, including pets. Carpet stair treads can add safety to your steps, not to mention an extra layer for warmth and comfort. Stair treads can be found in dozens of patterns, materials, and sizes, making it easy to find a stair carpet that complements the natural beauty of your steps and home. When you find the right size set of carpet stair treads, you should also take a look at the edges to see if they’re bound with high-quality yarn, which signifies higher quality. Stair tread carpets typically come in the same types of materials as other rugs, with wool being a higher-end option. Nylon and polypropylene are less expensive choices that can offer durability, as well. Find stair carpet at Wholesale shops  ( with a variety of selections including Wool Berber carpet pricesWall to Wall carpet prices, cheap carpet price, Best carpet prices, and commercial carpet price ) that offer the best-quality stair carpet at low and affordable prices. Along with seasonal discounts.



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