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carpet squares for living room cost

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What are carpet tiles?advantages of Carpet tilesWhat sizes do carpet tiles come in

The cost of carpet squares for the living room depends on many factors such as the materials used, size, quality and so on. Carpet tiles are manufactured and traded in various dimensions. These products can be purchased both partially and in bulk. These carpets have different uses that can be discussed below


What are carpet tiles?

Originally carpet tiles were developed for commercial spaces because they are so beautifully durable. But the carpet tiles were quickly discovered for the living area.  They are the ideal floor covering for those who want to remain as flexible as possible because carpet tiles can be replaced individually and taken with them when moving.

Carpet tiles open up attractive possibilities in terms of design and bring colour to the house. They are comfortable, practical and combine the feel-good properties of a carpet with the robustness of other floor coverings.

carpet tiles are appreciated for their robustness. On the back, they are coated with PVC, bitumen or environmentally friendly polyester fleece and are therefore particularly durable. Living Room Carpet Tiles can be made of different materials such as cashmere goat hair.

advantages of Carpet tiles

it is very easy and comfortable to use carpet tiles or modular carpets, they are very useful for small spaces derived from their compact and efficient form,

manufacturres have a wide variety of colors and designs that adapt to any need. With  carpet tiles reduces significant maintenance costs, they are shock resistant, it also has non-slip properties, support high traffic.

heavy-to-use carpets are ideal for corporate, offices and places where many people transit. a wide variety of colors,  the best prices unmatched in the market, this type of tiles have guarantee, certification, these carpets do not produce flame, they are fire retardant.

heavy traffic carpets are a source of inspiration to decorate and make your stay somewhat more pleasant, are manufactured to the highest quality standards, are effective and safe.

What sizes do carpet tiles come in

Carpet tiles are typically square shaped pieces that are produced in sizes 48 by 48 and 50 by 50, 60 by 60 and 96 by 96 and stacked together like puzzles on the floor.These rugs were originally seen in commercial companies, but these days they have also found their way into homes.

Due to the potential in the production of this model of carpets, they can also be manufactured in different sizes and shapes such as triangles, hexagons and pentagons upon customer request. Of course, the installation and production of these components are complicated and costly.

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