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Office carpet tiles price Around the worldBest Commercial carpet tiles price

Ask for the best carpet tiles for sale from the remnants of this product. These agencies sell the best carpet tiles at reasonable prices ad sell in bulk. These carpet tiles are mostly for office and formal places. In the following, we will become more familiar with these products.

Office carpet tiles price Around the world

In order to create a very comfortable office atmosphere for employees, many companies now choose carpets that are both beautiful and non-slip to decorate the company. Classification according to production method: it can be divided into machine-made carpets and handmade carpets.

Machine-made carpets also include tufted carpets and woven carpets, woven Axminster carpets.

Tufted carpet: This carpet belongs to a large category of mechanically manufactured carpets. It is not interlaced by warp and weft, but the pile yarn is inserted on the carpet base fabric through the steel needle, and then the city is glued to hold the city Made. Due to the high production efficiency of this carpet, it is the first choice carpet for hotel decoration.

Woven wilton carpet: The carpet is made by interweaving warp, weft, and pile yarns, and then finished by subsequent processes such as gluing and shearing. Because the carpet process originated from the Wilton area in the United Kingdom, it is called Wilton carpet. This loom is a double-layer fabric, so the production efficiency is relatively fast

Woven Axminster carpet: the carpet is also made by warp, weft and pile yarn three-day weaving, and then after finishing by gluing and shearing. The process used for this carpet originated in Axminster, England. This loom is a single-layer fabric with a very low machine speed.

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Best Commercial carpet tiles price

Broadly speaking, it refers to all carpets except household and industrial carpets. Commercial carpet tiles are also limited to places such as hotels, office buildings, offices, restaurants, etc. In the United States and Western developed countries, commercial carpets have been used in airport terminals, jetty halls, and stations in addition to the above-mentioned places of use.

Waiting halls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, movie theaters and other places are commonly used. With the economic development and social progress, the use of carpets will gradually increase and the coverage will be wider.

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