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Bedroom wall to wall carpet cost in India

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Bathroom wall to wall carpet cost in IndiaHow to calculate wall to wall carpet cost in India

Some believe that India is a rival to Iran in terms of carpet weaving, but given the quality, elegance, variety of Iranian hand-woven carpets, and the fact that Indian carpet weaving art was influenced by Iranian culture and art, this theory can be completely refuted. And Iran does not consider India a competitor in this regard. Iran is currently one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers and exporters of carpets in other parts of the world. But it cannot be said that wall to wall carpet cost in India is a weak industry. Rather, it is a very strong industry that competes fiercely with the world.

Bedroom wall to wall carpet cost in India

Bathroom wall to wall carpet cost in India

How much  wall to wall carpets cost in India ? how to buy wall to wall carpets? Selling Indian carpets in the Iranian market due to the lower price than Iranian hand-woven carpets can disrupt the business of Iranian carpet sellers. However, the difference between the quality and variety of Iranian and Indian carpets is significant, and therefore Indian carpets cannot be a tough competitor for Iranian hand-woven carpets, but due to inflation and continuous changes in the prices of various goods in the Iranian market, some may Choose Indian carpets according to their financial ability and also compare the prices of Iranian and Indian handmade silk carpets.

Iran is currently one of the most successful carpet manufacturers and exporters in the world. The sale of Indian hand-woven carpets, as mentioned above, may disrupt the Iranian carpet market due to the economic problems of the Iranian market, but in general, the exchange and sale of Indian carpets are not a danger for original and hand-woven Iranian carpets.

How to calculate wall to wall carpet cost in India

What is the best wall to wall carpets? Carpet prices in India depend on some factors such as the quality and type of carpet. Know the types of carpets below so you can price. There are different types of Indian carpets. The most popular types of Indian carpets are handmade carpets, rugs, and long lint carpets. One of the advantages of handmade carpets is that it is affordable, and its disadvantages are the fact that this type of carpet is not 100% handmade and its material and spiritual value are declining. Behtafat carpet is another model of carpets that can be placed between hand-woven and machine-made carpets, and in fact, this carpet also belongs to the group of semi-hand-woven carpets.

Technical specifications of handmade carpets are one of the most important things to consider when buying. Among the features of the original handmade carpet, we can mention the following: there is a difference of a few centimeters in different parts of the carpet (this case is not only not considered a defect but also the originality of the carpet and its 100% handmaidens). It has shiny and flexible lint, it is woven from natural anti-allergy fibers, the original handmade carpet will be suitable for hot and cold weather in summer and winter, it will not produce static electricity.

The best brand of handmade carpets is one of the things that you should research before buying a carpet. Also, choosing the best brand to buy can guarantee the quality of the carpet that you will buy. Good quality carpets have a long shelf life and will not lose their shine, elegance, and quality for many years. Isfahan carpet is one of the best carpets in Iran. Also, Isfahan has a high position and rank in the carpet weaving industry.

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